How exquisite your love, O God! How eager we are to run under your wings! (Ps 36:7 msg)

Monday, February 20, 2012

training and healing

I ran 10 miles today.  I am a running machine!!  Actually, I feel like I'm 82 years old.  I'm walking funny.. enough so that Izzy asked me why.  The kids got a HUGE kick out of my ice bath.  I read about soaking my legs in ice water after a run the other day.  This speeds up the healing process and reduces any swelling my exertion may have caused.

I decide to try it.  It was so very cold, but after the first minute, I couldn't feel anything as my legs were numb.. as long as I didn't move.  Cole had the timer set on 10 minutes and he took the job seriously.  I feel like the ice bath did help... or maybe it was the ibuprofen and mixed drink??  I'm not sure.  Either way,  I'm going to have to jump in an ice bath for the Tough Mudder, so I might as well use this  as a two-for-one training and healing opportunity.  Good times.

We will see how I feel tomorrow, but I'm proud of myself tonight.  For the rest of the week:  strength training and some lower mileage runs.  I'm saying it over and over in my head:  Pain is weakness leaving the body.

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