How exquisite your love, O God! How eager we are to run under your wings! (Ps 36:7 msg)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

walking funny

 I'm wondering if I'm ever going to stop being sore.  Do you reach a place in strength training that you stop hurting so much?  Maybe this is how if feels erecting muscles out of nothing.  I feel like I've been sore for 6 weeks straight.  Some days I can barely notice it, while others have me walking funny all day.  Today, it's my shoulders and obliques. Yesterday was my legs.

I know why I'm sore today.  It was the wonderful yoga class I took yesterday.  I decided to try a strength and balance focused yoga class and boy was it hard.  Some of my classmates make standing on your head look effortless and natural.  I was not the picture of a graceful gazelle.  I will return though.  I think the challenge is great.

After yoga, I did a zumba class...I know, I'm obsessed.  I love to dance, even if I'm not quite as coordinated as I think I am!  All this training and I'm finally starting so see some results.  My legs are definitely rock solid and I'm starting to see tiny muscles pop up.  Yay!!

I should be running 10 miles today, but I'm resting my legs.  They are tired and I'm starting to get a dull pain under my left knee cap.  I've had runner's knee before, so I guess I should expect it again.  Besides, the weather today is awfully dreary and rainy.  I'll probably run tomorrow or Monday.

So, no deep thoughts today.. just ramblings.  Every week puts me closer to my deadline.  6 weeks to Tough Mudder.  Two months to the Bid D Half Marathon.  Yikers.

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